The 3i Energy System Warranty Overview

The 3i Energy System is a biomass gasification system designed to convert a biomass fuel into producer gas. The gas may be used for numerous applications including fuel for engines boilers and turbines, while providing recoverable heat in support of the selected applications in which the 3i Energy System may be employed.

The 3i Energy System is the product of nearly forty years of commercial gasifier design, engineering and fabrication experience, a modern, high tech descendent of a 19
th century technology. It has been fabricated by skilled craftsman, using the highest quality materials available, meeting or exceeding national and international standards for similar applications.

The 3i Energy System may be a fully automated system or it may be designed for manual operation. When automated, the 3i Energy System and each of its ancillary components may be monitored and or controlled manually or remotely by the 3i Energy System Manager.

The 3i Energy System, fueled at the correct rate of consumption and operated as per the Operator's Manual, will produce a quantity of gas sufficient to generate the model specific electrical and/or thermal requirements.

The 3i Energy System and its ancillary components are warranted to be free of defects and fully operable upon completion of system commissioning, capable of operation as per the system design specifications and the Operator's Manual.

Terms of the 3i Energy System Warranty

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Thank you. We care for our customers and appreciate their repeat business. The terms expressed herein are intended to underscore our confidence in the 3i Energy System while allowing you, our customer, to experience worry free energy independence with an advanced, mature, technology: The 3i Energy System.

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